December 18, 2013


Shadow Warrior adds Survival Mode

Shadow Warrior has just received a sizeable free update that adds a brand new mode. Survival Mode puts you against the world in three separate battle arenas, all built from the ground up for mayhem and anarchy. The update can be grabbed right now, but that’s not all the Lo…

Content Update

Magicka Wizard Wars patch adds new content

Magicka: Wizard Wars just received a slew of new changes. While only playable on Steam Early Access, those fortunate enough to play can now have access to a Magicks Screen for their in-game character. From here, they can unlock new Magicks for in-game battle. The gameplay will also reward players…

Content Update

SMITE introduces Chaac the God of Rain

Today, the God of Rain, Chaac, arrives in SMITE. While SMITE still hasn’t officially released yet (that’s happening in March) the game continues to release continuous updates in its Beta form. Chaac is all about power and his Ax will chop any enemy down to size. However, he can also…


Perfect World New Horizons launches today

Perfect World International has just released a free expansion for Perfect World that offers a whole host of new features and content. Entitled New Horizons, the new update showcases the new Reawakening system, allowing players to take their high-level characters back in time to take part in some of the…


Ryse Son of Rome gets free update

Ryse: Son of Rome has received a free update to Gladiator Mode that now adds two in-game level events. Two new level events can now happen in-game while you hack away at barbarians. An enemy turret will now appear in some maps, and fire arrows at your character until killed….

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