June 2014

As We Play

Chronology: As We Play

Format – PC Version 1.01 My first impression of Chronology is that it is a beautiful game with an art style reminiscent of Jonathan Blow’s seminal indie puzzler Braid. You play the Inventor who awakes to find the world has been destroyed by a catastrophe caused by a combination of science…

As We Play

Murdered: Soul Suspect – As We Play

Format – PlayStation 4 Version 1.01 Murdered: Soul Suspect is a strange game to place. Though it feels rather special on the PS4, it falls somewhere between AAA and indie, and rather rightly so too. If there was truly any one word to sum up Murdered, that word would definitely…

Playstation 4

Sony E3 Press Conference Highlights.

Sony were the last company to take centre stage during E3 2014, with Nintendo opting to do a pre-recorded show. Following a fantastic showing of the Playstation 4 during E3 2013, many people walked away from show with the opinion that Sony had blown Microsoft out of the water. Microsoft…


The best Artistic Indie Games at E3

You could be forgiven for thinking that E3 does not offer something for everyone, but if you look behind the big headlines, there have been several games that have more heart and soul than any of their AAA cousins. If a shiny new console complete with another round of FIFA,…


Gamerscore Whores Podcast: Ep 15

Katie Ireland and Shady Armik from The Gamerscore Whores are back with the latest Gamerscore Whores Podcast. You can find it on iTunes by searching ‘Gamerscore Whores’. Focusing on Ubisoft, EA, Nintendo and Sony after a dedicated special on Microsoft, how did the guys think E3 panned out for the…

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