Anthem post-launch DLC roadmap already taking shape

While EA and Bioware have confirmed that Anthem will not have a Season Pass or premium DLC, their post-launch roadmap is already taking shape.

In an interview with MMO Games Scylla Costa, a producer on Anthem, confirmed some new development details, advising that much of what comes next will depend on player feedback.

Some things he touched upon include cosmetic items and new creatures, but the big news is that a new region is already being worked on.

As expected, Anthem is also set to receive ‘different events’ and ‘different weather states’. The latter is most interesting as it can also affect how you play the game. As Scylla explains..

Anthem is a dynamic world; if you have rain right now it applies to your jets you can fly for longer as it cools down your jets. You can use electricity and therefore create larger effects.”

It’s a great interview, with some cool nuggets of information, so be sure to read the full thing here.

We got to play the VIP demo this past weekend and believe Bioware might have a hit on their hands but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Did you play the VIP demo? What did you think? Shout out below.

(Source MMO Games)

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