New Warframe Prime Vault DLC offers host of accessories for a limited time

Ember Prime and Frost Prime are back from the vault until March 26 as Warframe gets new DLC on all gaming stores.

Five new packs have been added, with prices ranging from £44.99 to £15.99, each one offering something different for the player.

Beginning with the Fire & Ice Dual Prime Pack for £44.99, you’ll instantly unlock Ember and Frost Prime, as well as get discounted platinum and prime gear.

The pack includes 1200 Platinum, Latron Prime – which is an ornamental Orokin weapon that gives a damage boost, Reaper Prime – an ornamental scythe, Sicarus Prime – a new firearm, and Glaive Prim, another unique Orokin weapon.

On top of that, you’ll get a Titan Extractor Prime and Blueprint which doubles your resources, a Pyra Prime and Misa Prime Syandana, and Ember and Frost Prime avatars.

Alternatively, you can go for a slightly cheaper option and grab Ice Prime or Fire Prime packs individually for £30.99. Both offer 400 Platinum, as well as Prime Glyphs and Titan Extractor Primes + Blueprints.

However, the Fire Prime Pack will give you Ember, Sicarus and Glaive Prime, as well as a Pyra Prime Syandana, while the Ice Prime Pack offers Frost, Latron, and Reaper Prime, in addition to a Misa Prime Syandana.

Finally, the Ember Prime and Frost Prime Accessory packs go for £15.99 and add 200 Platinum and Titan Extractor Prime + Blueprints each. The Ember Prime gives you a Pyra Prime Syandana, while the Frost will naturally give you the Misa Prime Syandana.

The Prime Vault is open for business once again and the DLC is rolling out in all territories between now and the end of the month on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.

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