Overcooked 2 set to receive free Chinese New Year DLC

Ghost Town Games have released a new teaser showing off some free DLC for Overcooked 2 which appears to celebrate Chinese New Year.

We don’t know much beyond a short 18 second teaser released today, but we can see a new outdoor kitchen, built on top of a river with swimming fish. There’s also beautiful waterlilies and lanterns floating on top.

In terms of food, we can see a piggie chef with glasses carrying a plate of oranges, grapes, and peaches. And a panda chef plunging into the water, seemingly carrying a spring onion. How clumsy!

With a distinct Chinese New Year theme to it all, we also caught sight of a frying pan in the background, so there’s definitely some cool new dishes to come.

We’ll all find out more soon enough and will let you know once we do.

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