Apex Legends Year 1 DLC Roadmap outlined

Apex Legends only just launched this week but Respawn have already outlined the DLC roadmap for its first year.

Following the news the game has already had over 10 million players in over 72 hours, EA clearly have a surprise hit on their hands and have been quick to assure players the future is very bright.

There will be four seasons of events throughout the first year and from March you’ll be able to pick up the first Battle Pass. Similar to Fortnite’s structure, you will get exclusive weapons, legends and loot for a few months until the next season rolls around.

Season 1 begins in March, with Season 2 following in June, Season 3 hitting in September, and Season 4 starting in December.

In case you’ve yet to play, Apex Legends is available to download for free right now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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