Articles by Tom Regan

Expansive Overview

Tales of Xillia Review

This generation hasn’t exactly been ideal for fans of  Japanese role playing games. In the last eight years we’ve seen a huge shift in the market from the RPG-laden glory days of the PS2,and sadly only a handful of JRPGS have made it to current gen consoles. Luckily for us,…


Interview: Katherine Nelson, Saints Row 4

It’s not every Thursday that you walk into a presidential suite  and see two women pole dancing around a plastic tiger, but this kind of zaniness is exactly what you’d expect to find at the latest Saint’s Row IV preview event. After managing to pull myself away from the gun…

Expansive Opportunities

Super Mario 3D World Preview: A Whole New World?

When last month’s Nintendo Direct finally unveiled a new Wii U Mario title, this almost certainly wasn’t the 3D Mario game that most Nintendo fans were hoping for. After the grandiose scope and masterclass in level design showcased in Super Mario Galaxy, a multiplayer sequel to last years ‘back to…


Miiverse and eshop updates go live

For many Wii U owners, miiverse is the console’s killer app – and in this game starved period Nintendo have wisely chosen to constantly update and tweak it. But why let Wii U owners have all the fun? You may have noticed last month that Miiverse quietly made its way…

Playstation 3

GRID 2 Preview

It’s been a long time since the original GRID hit home consoles way back in 2008.  At the time, the original GRID was revolutionary – it was the first racer to really combine the look and handling of a sim with the customization and track style of an arcade racer….

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