Miiverse and eshop updates go live

For many Wii U owners, miiverse is the console’s killer app – and in this game starved period Nintendo have wisely chosen to constantly update and tweak it. But why let Wii U owners have all the fun?

You may have noticed last month that Miiverse quietly made its way on to the web,albeit in a somewhat beta form – but with the latest update it looks like the training wheels have finally come off.

The web version of Miiverse is now feeling more featured – it no longer lacks the ability to manage friends, tweak your profile, or create new posts, and will now even let the curious browse through the vast majority of posts on Miiverse – all without the need to own a Nintendo Network ID.

Ghosts N’ Goblins is now live on the e shop, joining last week’s addition’s of Resident evil: Revelations and Lego Batman 2. The keen eyed Nintendo fan may also have noticed the new ‘developer interviews’ section on the eshop home page, which unsurprisingly contains numerous developers interviews (the IDEAME 2013 video is well worth checking out if you haven’t already).Quirky puzzle platformer Toki Tori 2 is also currently on sale at 25% off and the Super Metroid £0.30p deal is still going strong – hopefully us EU Nintendo fans will also get the chance to download the currently US exclusive, Megaman X within the coming weeks.

For the full list of Miiverse tweaks see the official post below:

■ General changes

1) The wait time between posts has been reduced from 5 mins to 3 mins.

2) We’ve added a special symbol to mark announcement communities, such as the New SUPER MARIO BROS. U Developers’ Room community.

■ Features added to the web version

You can now:

1) Post (text only) and delete posts in communities.

2) Follow and unfollow other users via their profile.

3) Display the list of your friends, followers and users you are following in your profile.

4) Select User Menu -> Profile -> Profile Settings to adjust your profile settings.

5) Select User Menu -> Miiverse Settings to configure the following:

– Who can comment on your posts

– Display of automatic game posts in your activity feed

6) View any Miiverse post, even if you don’t have a Nintendo Network ID

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