Automachef gets into the Thanksgiving Spirit

Team 17 aren’t simply known for one culinary masterpiece, as their futuristic cook-em-up Automachef is boosting its own productivity.

The food manufacturing sim, Automachef, has a new Thanksgiving update available for free which, of course, focuses on turkey.

In the Thanksgiving update you can roast swet potatoes, make some cornbread and even Pumpkin Pie for a new Holiday menu.

All that, so it can be cooked in the brand new electric oven which has various power options to meet your energy conservation targets.

Automachef lets you design the kitchens used to make food, as well as program machinery and attempt some mind-bending puzzles.

With full mod support, a campaign mode, and tons of scenarios, Automachef is a real sweet treat and one to get the juices going over the holidays.

Automachef is available now on PC and Switch.

About the author

Sam Diglett

Sam grew up with a PS2, spending hours howling at the moon in Okami and giving students wedgies in Bully. Fortunately, she also likes Pokemon because otherwise life could have been quite annoying for her.
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