Tekken 7 Season Pass 3 Contents May have leaked

The Microsoft Store may have just spilled all the Tekken 7 beans with a new listing.

With the reveal likely coming over the weekend with the World Tekken finals, Microsoft may have jumped early and posted a listing for Season Pass 3.

We already know Leroy Smith will be in the third season pass as was revealed back in August, and Zafina is a bonus, but the listing also previously mentioned (it’s since been edited) that Sumo Wrestler Ganryu is joining the fray!

Ganryu has been a mainstay in Tekken since the original game and has featured in multiple sequels, though has yet to crop up in 7. This would certainly be a welcome inclusion.

An expanded ‘Frame Data Display’ feature is also expected for the Season Pass, but the listing goes a bit further to reveal a new stage is coming as well as an all-new fighter.

The listing suggests that an all-new fighter will be revealed during the World Finals called Fahkumram. Avoiding the Puddle have speculated that the name origin implies ‘a brand new Thai Fighter’.

Expect more news on this over the weekend.

(Source: @ArtisanOfIhsaan, Microsoft Store, Avoiding the Puddle)

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