Battlefield V Chapter 7 will be the game’s final update this Summer

Battlefield V’s current Chapter Into the Jungle ends on April 29 and there will be one more update to follow it.

Releasing this Summer, EA and DICE have confirmed that there will be more weapons, content and game tweaks coming in the next few months.

The team are currently aiming for a June release, though COVID-19 may impact the workings of the team.

Included in the Summer Update will be new Weekly Rewards, including Battlefield Currency or Company Coin.

There’ll also be Friday Night Battlefield Servers again and throwback Thursdays where you can play together on older Battlefield games.

Community Games Updates are also scheduled to come into the game at some point as well.

Anti-Cheat is being heavily focused on as well and the team are working daily to find solutions to problems that crop up in the game.

For more information, check out the Blog Post from Ryan McArthur.

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