Battlezone: Combat Commander remaster blasts in this week

A remaster of classic game, Battlezone 2 will release on Steam and GOG this week with Battlezone: Combat Commander.

Rebellion have dished up a launch trailer which explains what the game is, as well the new modes and features included in the remaster.

Battlezone: Combat Commander is an RTS, but one where you can control the units in first person view. You’re still harvesting resources and constructing bases in 24 missions, but can also upgrade technology and armories in order to produce the deadliest forces. You’ll also have various sub-campaigns to explore, and choices to enact, ensuring the game is full of variety throughout.


Battlezone: Combat Commander also comes with full multiplayer support in addition to the expansive single player campaign. There’s support for up to 14 players, with co-op and versus modes, both online and on LAN. You can also cross-play between Steam and GOG Galaxy.

And on top of all that, there’s full mod supprot, with tons of maps, vehicles, and HUDS already designed for both single and multiplayer.

Battlezone: Combat Commander releases March 1 for £14.99.

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