Become a Capitol Defender or Elite Agent with The Division 2 Pre-Order DLC

The Division 2 is in Open Beta this weekend and if it’s inspiring you to pick up the game, there’s some decent Pre-Order incentives with DLC out there.

Releasing 15th March 2019, every pre-order gives you The Capitol Defender Pack, which offers up a Hazmat 2.0 suit, Lullaby Shotgun, and a weapon blueprint.

Go further with The Gold Edition, and you can pick up the Year 1 Pass which includes new specialisations, episodes, and raids.

And if you decide you want the definitive experience, Ultimate Edition, Dark Zone Collector’s Edition, and Phoenix Shield Collector’s Editions give you some extra digital content, including the Battleworn Secret Service Pack which will give you a Secret service outfit, a rare emote, and an exotic M4A1 Skin.

They also add The First Responder Pack which gives you an outfit and weapon skin, and finally The Elite Agent Pack which adds an exotic Assault Rifle, exclusive skill effect, and additional stash space.

For all the definitive pre-order options, check out the official Ubisoft site here.

Are you playing The Division 2 this weekend? What do you think? Shout out below.

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