Blackguards 1.3 adds additional autosaving and bug fixes

A huge Blackguards patch has gone live today to coincide with the release of the Untold Legends DLC.

Blackguards 1.3 adds significant gameplay and balance changes, including autosaves at the beginning of every fight, dialogue fixes, difficulty adjustments and more.

Here’s the massive changelog.

  • Added an NPC to Neetha who gives advice to new players.
  • Added an additional autosave at the beginning of every fight. This also applies to each fight in a series of fights.
  • Some minor bugs in cutscenes have been fixed.
  • Some dialogues have been fixed.
  • Some text- and NoKey-errors have been fixed.
Blocker / Crashes
  • Fixed a bug where enemies wouldn’t stop respawning in the second last fight.
Interface and Text
  • A parry tooltip has been added to character portraits when hovered. Blue “Parry” means that parry is still available for that unit. A red “Parry” will mean it is not available any more during this round. If no “Parry” is shown, no parry will is available to this unit at all.
  • Hit chances are now displayed more prominently inside the ring menu when hovered.
  • Reworked the display of item stats.
  • Added detailed battle log option to show individual dice roll results of your characters.
  • Added detailed information on effects of special abilities.
  • Reduced the hit chance of Hammer Blow and increased AP costs to learn it.
  • Clarum Purum will now provide additional resistance against poison.
  • Equipment from the advanced character creation is now correctly transferred to flashback fights.
  • Hit chances are now always displayed, regardless of what skills a character has.
  • Warcraft and Animal Lore have been reworked to provide better passive stats instead of showing your hit chance.
  • The difficulty of the chapter 3 flashback crypt lice fight has been lowered.
  • Added a teacher for mages to the Mengbilla arena.
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