Borderlands 2 changes level cap to 72 and new DLC announcement

Word from PAX Australia has given Borderlands 2 another lease of life.

Not only will the game see a second increased level cap, but we can expect more DLC this fall.


The Season Pass is over but the content for Borderlands 2 sure is not

Borderlands 2 will see an increased level cap to 72 in the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge – (Yes, Really!)

 The challenge refers to a new map and a mode in which you may fight overpowered enemies “for new loot and the ability to ‘over level’ your game for extra challenges,”

The content will cost $5 but there is no release date as yet. It will NOT be covered as part of the Season Pass, however.

Also, in the Headhunter Pack, T.K. Baha is back and yes, he’s still blind.

The content pack is expected around Halloween time and will offer a new mission and boss fight.

There’s no word on a price for Headhunter as yet, but expect the standard 800 MSP deal we’ve seen from previous content.

Just when you thought it was all finished, eh?

(Via Kotaku)

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