Bound by Flame 1.01 releases for PS4

Our As We Play for Bound By Flame exposed a few issues with the game’s technical competency, especially on Playstation 4.

The game hiccups and throws up some hard-crashes in certain spots. We’ve even been made aware of an issue that caused a person’s save file to completely corrupt towards the end of the game. Not exactly the best time for the game to crap out on a player…

However, a brand new update has just been approved and gone live today, bringing Bound by Flame up to 1.01 on Playstation 4 and the focus of this update is to address these stability issues that have plagued the game since the PS4 update 1.7, prior to and at launch.

The Bound by Flame 1.01 update has just rolled out this evening and seems to help with a few existing problems we’ve encountered. However we, of course, cannot account for every possible outcome.

Has Bound by Flame 1.01 helped you with any existing issues you’ve experienced? Are your problems still occurring?

Let us know in the comments below. We’ll be sure to pass any of your thoughts along.

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