Bowser’s Fury is more than a mere add-on for Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo have unveiled the first full look at the re-release of Super Mario 3D World on Switch with the new Bowser’s Fury expansion.

This looks like more than just some new levels, though, and actually seems to offer new mechanics and ways to play.

For the first half of the new two minute trailer, we see some traditional Mario 3D World gameplay, featuring Cat Mario, climbing walls, floating in the Tanooki suit and spinning blocks.

But then an ominous, looming shadow of a large Bowser appears and heavy metal music kicks in. Then we start to see that this is more than just some extra levels as a hulking shadow of Bowser appears in the background, raining and spitting fire from every direction.

Fortunately, Mario has Bowser Jr to keep him company and help out. And then to cap it off, we get to see a Gigantamax form of Cat Mario ready to take him down. It looks damned impressive and more than seems to offer extra value to players, old and new.

Super Mario 3D World Bowser’s Fury is releasing on February 12th for Switch, so it’s just right around the corner, and to celebrate the launch, there’ll be a new Switch console kitted out in Mario’s iconic Blue and Red colours.

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