Broforce and The Expendables 3 Combine for Free with Expendabros

The rather spiffing run and gun-em up from Free Lives Games, Broforce, may only be in early access but it is already winning admirers, including those scary muscle men from The Expendables 3! That’s right, they like it so much that they have decided to join forces on an official Broforce / The Expandables 3 cross-over: The Expendabros; and best of all it’s absolutely free!

All you need to do is nip over to the offical Expendabros website right here and you can grab a free Steam key. Here’s what the Devolver Digital PR machine has to say on the matter:

In an unprecedented show of shirtless muscle flexing and cross-promotional force, The Expendabros combines the shock of Broforce with the awe of The Expendables 3 into an all-new ten-mission tour-de-force that might literally be the best thing ever made.

Everyone just take a deep breath, this is really happening.

Exciting stuff, eh? Let’s take a look at this handy video and see if it looks any good:

You can play as seven of the Expendables 3 cast – each with their own unique weapons and special attacks – in all their pixelated glory, alone or with up to four friends in local co-op mode.

The Expendabros is available now until December 31st, 2014.

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