Cadence of Hyrule now has a 2-Player Leaderboard with new update

Cadence of Hyrule is one of this years’ most unexpected but welcome independent releases.

A spinoff from cult classic Crypt of the Necrodancer, instead you take to Hyrule in an all new twist on the rhythm adventure.

And today, a new update appears to have sneaked under the radar, providing some all-important tweaks in addition to a 2-player leaderboard.

This is a lovely feature that lets you actually earn points as a team and compete with the rest of the world rather than go solo.

In addition, there’s some nice new tweaks like a Rhythm vibration option and better accessibility with a Colorblind assist option.

Here’s the full changelog.

  • 2-player leaderboard
  • Rhythm vibration option
  • Colorblind assist option
  • Added option to view credits from title screen
  • Balance adjustments
  • Various bug fixes

(Via Nintendo South Wales)

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