Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare Trailer

The debut trailer for Activision’s latest Call of Duty game has been released this morning and it will be titled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare; along with the release date, which has been set for the 4th November 2014.

Set around the world of PMC’s (More on PMC’s here <<<), we see the rise of thsee Private Armies across the globe turn around and take control of the Countries that they where initially employed to protect.

As you'll see in the official trailer below, the games’ big bad is none other than the Hollywood great Kevin Spacey who is loaning his voice and face to the (Sledgehammer Games) soon to be monster of a game.  You’ll also notice in the trailer, which uses Xbox One in-game footage, the amount of future weaponry being used (more so than Ghosts) including Hoverbikes, folding metal shields, jump packs, exo-skeleton suits and the list goes on.

As yet, we are unaware of gaming platforms that the game will be landing on, but you can bet the big hitters of X1, PS4 and High-end PCs will see a release.

Now here is the trailer (enjoy)


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