Call of Duty Black Ops 4 gives PS4 players more Zombie Killing with Ancient Evil on March 26

More Zombies can be killed in new focused Black Ops 4 DLC on March 26, first for PlayStation 4 players.

Xbox One and PC players will then get Ancient Evil for Black Ops 4 on April 2 once the seven-day exclusivity window closes.

Set in the Greek Underground, this Zombie focused content is much more mythical in nature and gives off a 1900’s horror mystery vibe.

Fighting the likes of a Pegasus, Skeletal armies, four-armed gladiators, and cultists, you have a new arsenal of weaponry and stony slates to battle in and against.

Ancient Evil is part of the Chaos Saga and takes place after the events of IX. This is part of the Black Ops Pass.

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