We Happy Few 1.7 delivers Survival, Night Watch and Sandbox Mode while finally preparing us for DLC

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard about We Happy Few and its DLC, but its latest patch hints it’s coming soon.

Version 1.7 for We Happy Few is a monstrous patch which adds three new modes to the game while also adding stability fixes and a new DLC menu.

In this patch, you’ll get three new modes and ways to play the game so you can bide your time ahead of the three DLC releases.

First up, the Survival Mode pays homage to the game’s Early Access period which removes story elements and replaces it with new areas, tiles, and a scoring system.

Interestingly, a Night Watch mode lets you play as Constable Constable as you try to hunt Downers and make sure the streets are safe. This also adds a new enemy at night time.

Finally, Sandbox mode gives you full reign to tweak the procedurally generated system and let you mess around with the settings at your leisure.

In addition, you can save game info when loading games, and there’s a ton of fixes and tweaks, as well as interesting additions.

The update for We Happy Few is available to download now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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