Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is a rollercoaster from start to finish

This may not be a remake of the classic 2009 campaign but Infinity Ward have certainly strapped the thrusters to this years’ Call of Duty.

I guess it might get confusing anyway seeing as how Activision only recently remastered Modern Warfare 2’s campaign with Beenox. But the reality is, from the word go, this Modern Warfare II is just unrelenting cinematic sequence after sequence of variety, suspense and, of course, action.

You barely get a chance to stop for a breath and you’re on a breakneck pace in a trip around the world.  As part of Task Force 141, you alternate as Ghost, Soap, Price and the gang, firing through the Mexican Cartel, tracking rogue American Missiles and driving a truck through enemy borders.

Call of Duty games are often overlooked for their campaign, with people diving into the multiplayer, testing their skills against the world, but these campaigns still boast a level of realism and cinematic quality most games lack. Activision’s games are still head and shoulders above the rest in terms of presentation.

In true vintage Call of Duty fashion, the production values are second to none, and you’ve got first-class acting performances from the likes of Glenn Morshower and Claudia Doumit.

Infinity Ward do a great job of recreating the locations you visit, even if you’re there just briefly. For instance, this is actually one of the best recreations of Amsterdam I’ve ever seen in a game.

And for the most part the action is seamless and enjoyable, though the Hard Point mission of aerial assault was actually more frustrating than I expected, particularly when deflecting incoming missiles.

But there’s something a bit different with each level and it all looks fantastic while you’re in the middle of it, with densely populated areas, fiercely heated sun and stunning interior decoration.

Mechanically, one mission will have you crafting, another sees you in the midst of an interogation. You even get in the midst of a prison break.

Even from a script point of view and character development standpoint, everyone has their individualism, quirks and brings something different to the experience, with each member of the task force actually feeling like a lead.

It’s not a remake of the classic Modern Warfare 2 campaign, but there’s plenty of references and it’s at least comparable in its quality. It regularly matches the tension and it gives you a good feel for the arsenal when you decide to take your skills online.

This was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours and while most people aren’t buying COD for the campaign these days, it’s a welcome bonus to the wider experience.


Modern Warfare II holds its own amongst the very best Call of Duty campaigns. With stunning recreations of global environments, hard-hitting dialogue, and compelling action, you’ll find yourself swept up from the moment you boot up. Minor gripes and frustrations aside, you’ll also find it difficult to put down until the credits roll. 


+ Gorgeous visuals
+ Gripping action
+ Tons of variety
+ Well paced and acted


– Some mission frustration and tedium

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is out now on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation. 

Played on Xbox Series X / PlayStation 5

Code Kindly Provided by Activision

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