Castle of Heart is a Nintendo Switch exclusive releasing March 23

New studio 7Levels have announced that their first project, Castle of Heart, is a Nintendo Switch exclusive releasing March 23.

Releasing for £13.49, the game gives off immediate side-scrolling Dark Souls vibes with epic battles and boss characters, as well as pitfalls and perils at every turn.

In Castle of Heart, you place a cursed knight who has been turned into stone. The aim of the game is to break the spell and free a petrified village of the tyrannous grip of an evil sorcerer.

Check out the awesome trailer and get hyped, this one promises to be quite special.


The game has been inspired by mystical locations in Poland and Slavic mythology, providing 4 different environments with 20 levels. here’s around 50 weapon types with 7 hours of gameplay, and tons of cool powerups. It all looks very colourful, beautiful and fun and we can’t wait to check it out.

Castle of Heart releases March 23 for £13.49, exclusively on Switch.


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