Past Cure v2.0 reinvigorates with a game changing content update

An updated and enhanced version of Past Cure is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This massive patch adds brand new story elements, gameplay mechanics, additional areas, improved graphics and more.

Phantom 8, the Berlin-based studio who made the game, now consider Past Cure relaunched following its initial release on February 23 where it received a mostly negative reception.

Criticisms included an overly long tutorial, bad voice acting, iffy mechanics and bad controls, but patch v2 strives to tackle all of these issues head-on.


Level design has been revamped for the game while adding in new areas to offer more immerse and challenging gameplay. Two new abilities have also been added, the first being Mind Bash which lets you stun or kill enemies, as well as destroy environments.

Secondly, Mind Fly will encase main character Ian with a shield which uses sanity as the bullets fly toward him. This also ties into the revamped Sanity Meter which doesn’t’ recover from under 35% and as it depletes toward zero, nightmares from Ian’s dream world will appear in the real one.

We’ve yet to play the game so can’t comment on how these changes have affected the game, but if you’re playing Past Cure, we’d love to hear from you!

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