Children of Morta DLC Paws and Claws raises money for Humane Society International

A brand new DLC has launched for Children of Morta and all the proceeds are going to charity.

11 Bit Studios and Dead Mage have partnered up with the Humane Society International to donate 100% of DLC proceeds to them.

The Humane Society International protects both domesticated and wild animals and you can learn more about their incredible work here

And best of all there’s some cool new features in-game, like an Animal Shelter system, new varied animals, and the ability to feed them.

There’s also special animal-related boosts, new home events, and more than 100 new animations, along with a treasure pack full of content.

The DLC is available now across all formats for $3.99 and is a truly lovely initiative that you must support.

Children of Morta is a brilliant game and more content is always a welcome thing, especially when it’s being used to support animals

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