Cities Skylines post launch support and DLC ends this May

Now that news of Cities Skylines 2 has been unveiled, Paradox have started the beginning of the end of the first game’s roadmap.

Following eight years of post launch support, the first drop of content arrives on March 22 with three new content creator packs.

Africa in Miniature, Sports Venues and Shopping Malls will be added to the game, along with three new radio stations, 80’s Movie Tunes, JADIA Radio Station and Pop-Punk Radio.

A free update will also be added to the game – Hubs and Transport – which makes some tweaks to the in-game transport system.

Then in May, three further Content Creator Packs have been confirmed – Industrial Evolution, Brooklyn and Queens and Railroads of Japan. This also adds a further two radio packs and an expansion known as ‘Vacation with Us’.

Cities Skylines 2 will then be the prime focus for all the team as they prepare to launch later this year. Regardless, one has to commend the feat of eight years of DLC and post launch support, we’re excited to see how the future shakes out for the studio.

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