Shovel Knight Dig Fate and Fortune DLC now available

Shovel Knight Dig has a major new free DLC available from today.

Across Steam and Apple Arcade, Shovel Knight Dig’s Fate and Fortune adds an all new challenging mode, Knightmare Mode, as well as additional mementos and quality of life improvements.

Knightmare Mode adds Black Knight to the mix with each stage requiring you to augment your run with options like ‘Unending Endurance’ and ‘Robust Rogues’.

Progress is tracked in Knightmare Mode with each run showing you how far you got and how close to the secrets you were.

Fetcher has also been added to the well as a new character, as well as a new music track, a compendium which keeps track of everything, and new mementos.

This update isn’t available on consoles yet, but will arrive at a later date.


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