Control and Alan Wake Crossover DLC AWE releases August 27th

As confirmed during this evening’s State of Play, Control’s second and final DLC is arriving on August 27th!

The highly anticipated content will see the return of Alan Wake in an unexpected crossover.

AWE sees players once again play as Jesse Faden as she ventures into the Investigations Sector of the Oldest House to confront a creature lurking in the Bureau.

And the only way to stop the creature is to visit some of the Altered World Events that have breached the real world, including Bright Falls. Home to Alan Wake.

You can only access the content if you’ve finished the game’s seventh mission – The Face of the Enemy – so if you haven’t played through Control yet, you’d better get right on that.

The Foundation released earlier this year and was entertaining enough, but we’re hoping for even more in this follow up!

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