Control is set to receive DLC

Remedy’s next major game is coming this year and now we know that Control will have some life post-launch.

In a massive interview with Game Informer, Control’s Director, Mikael Kasurinen confirmed, among other things, that DLC is coming to Control.

We don’t know what sort of DLC it will be, though as we confirmed at Gamescom it won’t be based on any sort of multiplayer component.

Remedy are no strangers to post-launch DLC, with games such as Alan Wake receiving multiple packs, while Quantum Break received none.

Whatever happens, it seems Remedy have big plans for their upcoming title. Other reveals during the GI interview include the game’s Kubrick influences, more information on Jessie’s abilities, and weapon upgradeables.

Control is due sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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