Dead or Alive 6 to get Fatal Fury and King of the Fighters DLC, new demo next week

Characters from Fatal Fury and King of the Fighters will appear in Dead or Alive 6 as DLC.

With its release on March 1st, Koei Tecmo are keen to incentivize people to buy ‘Season Pass 1’ which is due at the launch of the game, providing content from March through June 2019. Among new fighters, it will also include 62 new costumes!

Already confirmed for the pass is the first DLC fighter, Mai Shiranui, with a second King of the Fighters veteran revealed to be the second. For now, though, Koei Tecmo are keeping that one secret.

On top of that, a second demo will launch next week on PS4 and Xbox One and be playable from February 22nd to the 24th. Included will be Ranked and Player matches, along with a Tutorial, Combo Challenges, Free Training, and a brief taste of the story.

Dead or Alive 6 trailers and promo material reveal that the game is receiving a less sexually focused marketing campaign in the West, though the Japanese collector’s editions still include mouse pads purposefully shaped like boobs.

This marketing approach was further reflected during the Evo Japan stream earlier today when two of the female hosts on stage shook their breasts and spanked one another on stage.

There was even a moment where the game’s producer seemingly showed off a sexual position while demoing the game’s photo mode. This prompted the Twitch stream of the event to temporarily get taken down.

The Evo boss, Joey Cuellar, even released a tweet that has since been deleted saying ‘The DOA ad that aired on our stream does not reflect the core values of Evo or the FGC’.

Dead or Alive 6 releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 1st

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