Dead Space remake has upgraded peeling system, intensity director and interconnected Ishimura

Dead Space is getting a full remake on January 27, 2023, and we’ve got another closer look at what’s to come.

EA and Motive have shown off a bit more of what to expect. While the remake will be faithful, there’s some notable tweaks and upgrades which make the experience better than ever.

Rebuilt using the Frostbite engine, players will fight against the Necromorphs as Isaac Clarke in a mining starship. This remake has a few notable upgrades which were revealed in a video earlier this week.

First up, a new peeling system which  gives the Necromorphs layered flesh and tendons, as well as bones that break. If you’ll remember, severing limbs was a key part of Dead Space, so this is going to offer even more creativity for the action.

There’s also an Intensity Director which adjusts the camera to show what’s coming up on Isaac’s path, from new enemies to environmental effects. This gives the game a more cinematic feel.

Isaac is also going to be more conversational than ever, closer to the character in Dead Space 2 and 3 and less of the mute we met in Dead Space 1. Gunner Wright is also returning to voice Isaac.

Finally, the USG Ishimura will be a completely interconnected environment without any camera cuts or loading screens. Which considering the detail and depth of the map, is incredibly impressive.

Dead Space is looking fantastic and we’re very excited to return to the USG Ishimura on January 27 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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