Diablo 3 v2.4.3 Darkening of Tristram coming this week?

With Blizzard’s 20th anniversary celebrations in full swing for Diablo, we’ve still yet to see their rejuvenated look at the original classic.

That said, we may not have much longer to wait. The official Battle.Net post suggests that the Darkening of Tristram event will come as part of Patch 2.4.3 and was expected to be a seasonal event that lasted through January.

While it obviously hasn’t appeared yet, some speculation on the official forums goes on to suggest that it could pop up as soon as this Tuesday as that follows Blizzard’s predictable patch release schedule.

This particular thread includes a post from a user called Ten who states ‘Patches normally goes out during Tuesday maintenance before next Season start. So since S9 starts on the 01/06, it should get deployed 01/03 (or could be 01/04 due to the holidays).’

This would certainly be a great way to kick off 2017 as The Darkening of Tristram will feature a 16 level dungeon, as well as the original boss battles from classic Diablo. It will be accessed through a portal in Old Tristram while the player is in Adventure Mode.

Diablo’s 20th Anniversary has been celebrated in a variety of different ways from December 31st. There have been tributes cropping up in all of their major games, including a new Diablo themed portrait up for grabs in Heroes of the Storm, a new Tavern Brawl and hooded challenger to play against in Hearthstone, in-game sprays and a new character model in Overwatch, a new Lord of Terror worker portrait in Starcraft 2, and an unfamiliar area of Sanctuary in World of Warcraft.

More as we get it.

(via MMOExaminer)

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