Mario Kart 8 leaked for Nintendo Switch

We’re barely 2 weeks removed from the exciting Nintendo Switch reveal event where we expect pricing, release date, hardware specifics, and the entire launch lineup, but already EBGames are shouting about things early.

While they only have placeholder prices up – I fully expect Switch to cost much less than $999.00 –  EBGames has put up listings for three major Nintendo Switch titles, as well as the first look at the box art. Which is quite sexy, we may hasten to add.

The first title – The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition – has been long expected since the original Switch Trailer. Despite Bethesda’s attempts to throw us off the scent, that trailer was as direct of a confirmation as any that Nintendo owners will be Fus-Ro-Dahing their way through the familiar fantasy world, this March.

Next, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was the first officially revealed Switch game. While there have been some questions as to when BoW will release – recent speculation doesn’t have it for launch – Nintendo has yet to confirm either way. It’s early presence as a preorder still gives us some hope that it will launch as soon as March.

Now for the big news. We’ve heard the speculation about Wii U games being remastered and re-released for Nintendo Switch with extra features and improvements – we even saw some footage of it during the early trailer – and it appears that the first of those has been leaked. The excellent Mario Kart 8 looks set to be coming to Nintendo Switch with up to 10 new characters, a brand new battle mode, and a whopping 24 Extra Tracks!

While EB Games have put the release date down as TBC 2017 – same for all three games, we should add – this arriving within the consoles’ first year remains a big deal! Mario Kart 8 is easily one of Wii U’s biggest and most essential titles, but being able to play that on the go with the extra horsepower of Switch is mightily tempting, and immediately offers gamers yet another must-have title in the early stages of the consoles’ lifecycle.

Interestingly enough, they’ve removed the products from the page now. Usually as good of a sign as any that they made a mistake and released information early. Oops! But it’s not long to wait until all this is confirmed. 2017 is kicking off with some serious Switch hype already. Eep!

(via EBGames AU)

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