Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred DLC unveils Spiritborn as new class, Pets Shadow Drop Today

Diablo 4’s first premium expansion got a ton of new details in today’s Xbox showcase.

The biggest news is the release date of October 8th across all platforms, with various purchase options beginning at $39.99.

We also got the above trailer which is super dark and graphic, so much that it even got a content warning before airing during the showcase.

But we also found out more about the new class joining Diablo 4, the Spiritborn. They are described as ‘apex predators built for the jungle’ and we’ll be getting a ton more information about them on July 18 during a livestream.

The DLC will also include ‘new class skills, glyphs, dungeon types, as well as Nahantu, a jungle region.

But as for now, if you log into Diablo 4 you can get a pet who will gather gold and materials for you.

Diablo IV is out now. Vessel of Hatred launches October 8.

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