Diogo’s Defiance Column: Brave New World

Hello and welcome to the first of a regular column. I’d like to share my journey through the world of Defiance with you, so will be releasing a series of columns talking a bit about my own personal experiences in Trion World’s latest. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get started.

I should start off by saying there is always something to do when playing Defiance. That may seem obvious since it’s a MMO, but it’s also one that’s completely free(bar the initial game purchase) and so doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

Instead, the developers Trion have implemented optional in-game item purchases. For most, this won’t matter since it’s still possible to experience everything the game has to offer without buying anything with real currency.

The whole point of this regular column, however, is to give players an insight as to what it’s like to play Defiance, looking at all aspects.

As already mentioned, there are quite a lot of activities to take part in. For instance, this past week I participated in the Hellbug challenges. These challenges are a great way of seeing what it’s like to play with others. They require you to join a group of other players and attempt to destroy the vile Hellbug creatures scattered around in an area. Bonuses are given based on various conditions, such as how many creatures a player has killed.

One particular Hellbug challenge comes to mind. I joined a group of players who were already fending off a Hellion creature. Hellions are protected by an oval-like mass. To defeat a Hellion, players must distract and gain its attention so it moves outside of this mass. This is when the creatures are the most vulnerable to damage.

To make things more difficult, however, a Hellbug matriarch will sometimes come out to protect the Hellion. This gigantic Hellbug has a tougher outer shell that makes it more difficult to damage.

It took some time but bringing it down was quite exhilarating. It was a genuine thrill successfully completing this challenge, especially as it involves all players working together to bring down a common foe.

The Hellbugs have been busy, though. A few variations of this aggressive species have recently popped up all over the land. Facing them requires making use of different strategies, especially as they have completely different powers when compared to the typical Hellbug.

In-between these challenges, I also found time to continue the story. Fighting against Cyborgs is a lot tougher than the average thugs that pop up during earlier story missions. As usual, there are plenty of side missions added with story progression.

A new episode mission has also been added recently and many episode missions contain characters from the TV show which creates some interesting and exciting links.

All of this culminated over a weekend where I took advantage of the rare bonus loot special. I even managed to get a better rifle weapon.

Stay tuned for the next installment to find out more about episode mission and anything new in the world of Defiance. Or why not grab a copy of Defiance and experience it for yourself?

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