Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC – Bardock – Alone Against Fate and PS5 Upgrade now available

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot finally gets a current-gen update today along with some brand-new content.

Bardock – Alone Against Fate is an all-new scenario that focuses on Bardock, father of Goku, and centers around his battles. This will be the first DLC in Season Pass 2.

Those who’ve watched the anime will be familiar with many of the key battles, but will also see Bardock’s story expanded.

The Planet Vegata has been opened up for players, and new sub quests can be unlocked and completed, centered around some of the side characters.

Additionally, the game has been updated for current-gen formats as a free upgrade for those who own it on PS4 or Xbox One.

This adds enhanced backgrounds and graphics, updating the game in 4K. There are also Additional Scenarios implemented and added into the game.

Bardock – Alone Against Fate DLC is out now, with a further 2 DLCs to launch within Season Pass 2 at a later date.

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