Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition includes several unique DLC cosmetics

Dead Space is getting the remake treatment later this month but pre-orders are still open.

Standard pre-purchase of the game will get you a free copy of Dead Space 2 through Steam and the EA Store but the Digital Deluxe Edition offers up 5 unique cosmetics.

Three of these are suits, while the other two are suit textures and they vary between the horrifying and the unusual.

Alongside the Standard Edition of the game, you’ll get an Infested, Lone Survivor, and Venture Unique Suit.

You can also earn Suit Features that are ‘Sanctified’ and ‘Bloody’.

Dead Space is looking stunning with its new gen upgrade and we don’t have long to wait as it launches January 27 on PS5, XSX and PC.

Can’t wait till then? Check out the latest developer blog to find out why story matters.

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