Dust 514’s Beta sees Changes in “Uprising” Update

In a Playstation Blog post (which you can read here), CCP games creative director Atli Már Sveinsson talked about the changes coming to Dust 514, the multi-player  first-person shooter that will be directly linked into CCP’s long-running space MMO game Eve Online.

The new update, entitled “Uprising,” will release on May 6th, 2013. The game is currently in open beta and will be free to play upon full release.

The post details changes to the skill system, including a new way to see the skill tree, and the removal of multiple prerequisite skill requirements. Current players of the beta will have their skill points refunded in order to allow them to try out the new skill system when the update goes live.

Sveinsson says there will also be many other tweaks to the game’s balance included in the update, which will be detailed in a later developer post, so keep your eyes out for more info as May 6th approaches.

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