DwarfHeim is a unique 3v3 co-op RTS now available on Steam Early Access

While DwarfHeim can be played solo, it’s the game’s unique take on multiplayer that sets it apart from the rest.

Available from today, this Steam Early Access title is a real-time strategy which features asymmetric co-op game modes.

Players have a unique part to play, using their unique abilities to help their clan succeed and achieve victory.

With its Warcraft 3 looking aesthetic, the new trailer shows you the different classes available and how three-player co-op works.

The builder class creates buildings, while the miner can dig for gold, and the warrior is willing to go headfirst into battle.

You’ll all rely on each other across varying terrain and through epic battles. The game looks great, frankly.

We’ve got our hands on an early build of the game so will post some impressions soon but this looks like one to keep an eye on.

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