Gears 5 getting massive Xbox Series S & X upgrade for launch, new DLC in December

Announced through IGN, The Coalition have revealed a huge string of upgrades are coming to Gears 5 by the end of 2020.

First up, to coincide with the launch of Xbox Series S l X next month, there will be a huge patch which adds visual and technical improvements to the game, as well as a ton of new content.

IGN have revealed there will be a Gears 5 New Game+ mode which adds the following to the game.

  • Two new difficulty modes (Ironman and Inconceivable)
  • Character Skins for Kait, Del, and JD
  • Weapon Skins
  • Jack upgrades carry over
  • Mutators (Big head mode, etc)
  • New achievements

Inconceivable is ‘one level of difficulty higher than what Gears 5 originally included’ and Iron Man is its own unique challenge giving the player one life. Sounds rough!

Any skin you’ve unlocked in the game can also be used in campaign, and one unlocked from the beginning is an alternate skin for Marcus Fenix. Dave Bautista has been added to the game and is fully playable through campaign with full voice acting from the man himself!

The Gears 5 multiplayer has also had some big changes, all part of the Operations update. All characters will now be able to play as whatever class they like, and there are more maps expected for Operation.

Of course, the update massively overhauls the game to take advantage of Xbox Series S l X technology, with Gears 5 now hitting 120 FPS, contact shadows and screen space global illumination. Assets are of the highest quality and everything runs smoother and faster.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough, a Gears 5 Story DLC is also scheduled to appear in December. This will focus on The Hivebusters.

We don’t know too much so far, but the runtime is expected to be 3-4 hours. More news is expected in the coming weeks.

Exciting times, Gears fans!

(Source IGN)

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