EDF 5 Additional Mission Pack 2: SUPER Challenge DLC skitters onto store, what’s included

EDF 5 now has its second major DLC pack entitled SUPER Challenge.

Adding 10+ Ultra Hard missions, you’ll encounter never before seen aliens with different arms and unique weapon types.

There will be over 35 new weapons and arms in total and these subspecies will be some of the toughest the franchise has ever had.

Some of the new things the DLC will add include a slow-moving, huge flying saucer which drops plasma bombs and destroys buildings, a reloadable fusion blaster, a new Barga, and a rapid-fire rocket launcher which creates plenty of explosions in swift measure.

EDF 5 Additional Mission Pack 2: SUPER Challenge is now available for PS4 owners and costs £5.49. This is the second and final post-launch pack that’s been announced for the game, we don’t know whether EDF5 will receive more DLC at this stage.

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