Enter the Gungeon 1.0.11 adds Save and Exit Beta Patch

Gungeoneers, ready. Dodge Roll are trialling a new Beta Patch and it may fundamentally change the face of Enter the Gungeon.

If you go to the beta_public branch of the game, you’ll now be able to trial a Save and Exit option at the end of each floor!

This is currently only available to Windows users and in English, but will be rolled out in full along with the Supply Drop update in the coming weeks.

Basically, at the end of each floor, when you get to the final elevator room, you’ll now see a big red button. By hitting that, the elevator suddenly changes into a cyrochamber and will save your current run while kicking you back to the title screen. You can then jump back into your run at a later date, starting at the beginning of the next floor.

Some early bug reports suggest players don’t get 2 blank refills when entering a new stage, but other than that everything seems to be pretty stable.

What do you think? A nice feature? Unnecessary? Game changer for Roguelikes?

More as we get it.

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