Enter the Gungeon bids A Farewell to Arms with Final Free Update on April 5

After three years of support, Enter the Gungeon will receive its final free update on April 5 with A Farewell To Arms.

Dodge Roll Games are not going quietly though, as this will add two new characters to the game.

The Paradox and The Gunslinger are joining the party, along with a variety of new guns and items. The characters have wild starting items and there’s even a new NPC – Bowler – who lets you play Rainbow Mode.

Rainbow Mode sees a Rainbow Chest drop at the beginning of each floor, but you can only take one gun or item from it. No other items will drop during the run.

You’ll also see there’s a new floor added, along with an epic new boss who is out for blood.

All this on top of tons of QoL updates, bug tweaks, fixes and more.