Fallout 76 to receive lots of new DLC in 2019, including expansions, modes, raids, systems, and questlines

Fallout 76 has had much of its 2019 DLC roadmap laid out and it will add a prestige system, legendary raids, new game modes and much more throughout the year.

Beginning with Wild Appalachia through Spring 2019, Survival Mode will be added to Fallout 76, as well as new quests and features, like brewing/distilling, Legendary Vendor and Scrapping and C.A.M.P Decorating.

Nuclear Winter follows in the Summer, with the aforementioned becoming a new game mode for the Wasteland, along with the opening of Vaults 96 and 94 for High-Level Raids. Finally, the new prestige system for players at level 50 will allow them to become legendary and acquire new abilities.

Then in the Fall, Wastelanders will introduce a new main questline which adds new factions, events and features.

It certainly seems like Bethesda are fully committed to evolving the game in new and exciting ways and it’ll be very interesting to see how Fallout 76 continues to grow through 2019.

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