Star Wars Battlefront 2 adds Anakin Skywalker and shiny Clone Troopers on February 27

The man who would be Darth Vader will finally join Star Wars Battlefront 2 on February 28.

Obi Wan’s apprentice and Chosen One has been long requested, and Anakin will sport his Revenge of the Sith apparel along with a glowing blue lightsaber.

His move set includes a Passionate Strike which is a vertical slash used to penetrate enemy guard. This devastating attack will deal full damage if used against a defending enemy with base damage of 180 to heroes and 250 to non-heroes.

He also boasts Heroic Might, which calls on him to draw the power of the force from within, taking a damage reduction of up to 90%. Pull Dominance, meanwhile, lets you grab and pull enemies towards Anakin, and when fully charged he can use Retribution on any enemies in range in a 360 degree area of effect.

Let’s just hope his enemies don’t have any sand otherwise all of that will be for nothing….

Also, DICE mentioned back last year there were working on the Clone Trooper appearences, with this update introducing a new default appearence for requested ‘shinies’. However, the original defaults will also be available in game as free unlocks.

What’s more, new phases of Clone Troopers are being added with Phase 1 and 2 being brought into the game, which creates more Trooper variety.

As always, the update will be free to download.

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