Final Fantasy XV Comrades 1.1.0 releases December 12

During the Active Time Report broadcast, it was revealed the next major patch for Final Fantasy XV Comrades 1.1.0 will release bringing bug fixing and new content.

Various issues, such as the inability to level up in some cases, as well as problems with quest instances where enemies aren’t appearing and issues with progression will be stamped out.

There will also be new content added through the patch, such as time-limited quests where you’ll be quickly matched with other players in a horde style scenario where you defeat waves of enemies in a certain time.

This will also match up with a First Anniversary Update for the main game which will let players swap between Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis, each playing like their own DLC.

The report also revealed that Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for mobile will now release in the Winter.

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