Fire Emblem Warriors gets Shadow Dragon DLC on February 15

Fire Emblem Warriors will receive the Shadow Dragon batch of DLC on February 15 with Navarre, Minerva and Linde joining the roster.

Both Switch and 3DS versions will get the Shadow Dragon DLC which follows the Fates update in December. Each DLC pack is based on a Fire Emblem game and this second DLC focuses on the 2008 DS game.

The characters, Navarre, Minerva and Linde, are sword, flying mount axe and tome specialists respectively.

New special unique unlockable weapons will also be added, with Caeda getting the Wing Spear, Tiki the Divinestone and Anna getting the creatively named Anna’s Bow.

The character’s will also get unique History mode maps, namely A Brush in the Teeth, Knorda Market and Princess Minerva. These will give the option to unlock new character costumes.

There will also be new skills, weapon attributes and Armor Break models which actually enable you to basically beat the clothes off your opponent.

ANd finally, the character level cap will be raised from 110 to 130. The Shadow Dragon DLC will cost £8.09 seperately or £17.99 as part of the Season Pass.

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