First Soul Sacrifice DLC pack serves up free DLC

Soul Sacrifice had its first batch of downloadable content launched in the form of Update 1.10, and the best part is, it will cost nothing. Once downloaded and installed, gamers will have access to eight new quests, two new boss characters, a brand new map called Caverns of Goliath, which takes place inside the body of a soldier-turned-giant, and a new Black Rite.

The new boss monsters are Dullahan and Behemoth, the former a headless knight, famous the world over for being rather masochistic; the latter a massively obese boy with an unsettling addiction to apples, and what seems to be a tree sprouting from his back.

Also included in the update is Berserker as a new Black Rite, which enhances your strength at the cost of your brain, and an augmented reality mini-game which allows you to bring your character to life using just an AR card and the PS Vita’s rear camera.

The update is available for download on the PlayStation Store now.

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