Fortnite Lava Legends brings fiery DLC cosmetics to Battle Royale and Creative Modes

A fiery DLC cosmetics bundle for Fortnite is now available for consoles with the Lava Legends Pack.

Costing £15.99 you get some really neat looking gear for your combatants, including a Lavawing Glider.

Most excitingly, though, it contains the Legendaries Molten Valkyrie and Molten Battle Hound as outfits.

This follows the Frozen Legends Pack which include some cool bling and outfits. Interestingly, the price is £5 cheaper.

The Fortnite Lava Legends bundle also includes a Molten Crested Cape Back Bling and Molten Valkyrie Wings Back Bling.

It’s available now for all formats.


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